kface3x2((ArtMusicVegan)) is the seed of NYC + San Francisco artist , cultural archivist & entrepreneur Keina Davis Elswick. Davis-Elswick earned her (MFA) at Tufts University & SMFA, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Keina was awarded a full merit based scholarship /award from both Tufts and SMFA.  She earned her (BFA) in painting at the University of Florida, with additional studies in the UK (London). Keina’s work is exhibited & collected throughout the US and Internationally. She is the two-time recipient of Individual Artist Grants from The San Francisco Arts Commission, the George Sugarman Foundation, the Puffin Foundation and was nominated 2005-2007, for the Eureka Fellowship, a 25,000 award given by the Fleishhacker Foundation. Keina has been featured in publications throughout the US and Canada, most recently, “Imagining Ourselves: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women”, an anthology & award winning exhibit organized and published by the International Museum of Women. Imagining Ourselves, [the anthology] included contributors such as Zadie Smith, Ani DiFranco, Lisa Ling and Cathy Freeman. For microblogs of this site follow ArtMusicVegan on TumblrInstagram or Twitter. Check out Keina’s other sites and projects on simmer via Sivadart Studio.

” I love to create. Whether it is on canvas, sprinkling music from ear to ear, or in the kitchen cooking vegan food. I drew everything I saw when I was a child, going through sketchbook after sketchbook. Eventually (at about 7 years old), I told my parents I wanted to be an artist (so they immediately jumped on board). I gave up my guitar and piano for brushes, paint, canvas  and an easel (actually I turned my guitar into a sculpture, but that’s another story). I have so many music related memories as I’m sure we all do. I started experimenting in the kitchen when I was very young–learning from my father (the “resident chef” and DJ in our house). I have been vegan for as long as I can remember (20+yrs.) and before that, a vegetarian (I’m also a yogi 15+ yrs and love running). People always ask me for recipes, about ingredients I use in the kitchen, and ways to sustain a vegan diet. Even random people in the grocery store start conversations with me about the selections in my basket and always want to know what I’m going to make with them (or they ask if they can come over for dinner).  We all need to be replenished with things that nourish our minds, bodies and souls. This is my small offering, and I look forward to continuing to develop ((ArtMusicVegan)) in the years to come.”

All food related content featured on this site is Vegan (plant based ingredients only). No meat, or ingredients derived from animals. ((ArtMusicVegan)) DOES NOT provide, encourage or support illegal downloads of music. Please support musicians  + artists + creators featured here by PURCHASING music + art + vegan food via the links provided.