Unlucky Ducks

Posted on Feb 14, 2015 in Vegan

When I go to Chelsea Market [typically for infused EVOO], I generally purchase a few items from One Lucky Duck  as well [like the vegan Almond Butter Cup Ice Cream featured below]. I noticed recently that One Lucky Duck was no longer open and it was strange because the last time I was there [a few weeks ago], there was no mention of it closing. I was curious why the sudden closure [of this location, their Gramercy location, as well as their restaurant near Union Square], so last week I posted a photo of the vegan treats I purchased via instagram and twitter. Employees of Pure Food and Wine | One Lucky Duck reached out to tell me what was happening and about their emergency campaign.



Photography Credit: Top Photo by Nick Solares | Bottom Photo by Keina Davis Elswick (( ArtMusicVegan))

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